Screen Savers (Slick looking and Free being!)

A Free Screen Saver Collection which is visually pleasing and free for download and use! A very rare thing to see in our days since we’ve got to pay for nearly everything, and nice looking things come with a price! Another interesting fact is that they are open source, which means that you can download the source code and tweak them yourselfs and add or remove things or use them in different platforms.

(Caution: if you see frames dropping in some or all, you might want to consider updating your GPU drivers, or even upgrading (getting a new) your CPU and GPU(if they are really old!), you’ll get best results if running on a desktop and not on a netbook or a laptop with low specs!)

A small preview:

Download Link:



♄Saturn, The Planet Of Power And Rulership

Heil to our 7th sphere!!

“Computer Bugs”

You like insects? and if you do, do you like them on you computer monitor?

If you do, you are on the right place, and reading the right post!

Have bugs on your screen without gettings your hands dirty, ants, flies, cockroaches, and ladybugs!

I think it was about a year ago that I had discovered a cool little app called “12 Ants” which I used and really liked, but it wasn’t up until recently which I had this need of finding more bugs for my desktop. Luckily I found 3 more great and highly “Realistic” I have to add software, the one is called flies on desktop, the second cockroaches on desktop, and the third ladybugs on desktop.

Detailed discription of all:

The 12 ants is an interactive type of app which unleashes as many ants as you tell it to, and then you can tell it what the ants should do, for example: follow cursor, move away from cursor, attack cursor when moves(if stops move away from screen), also you can adjust their speed.

The cockroaches on desktop is much more simple than the 12 ants, but far more realistic. it requires intsallation unlike the 12 ants, and then in order to start it up when installing it asks if you want a desktop icon (you don’t need to create one, you can run it through the “all programs” menu) when clicking the icon you launch 5 roaches that wonder around your screen, it’s as simple as that. In order to remove one or more you simply double click on them, to close the program from running you go on your task bar and right click and exist on it(you can also adjust the settings from there).

Flies on desktop comes in two versions, the one version is basically functioning like the roaches on desktop, and the other one is a screen saver which you can adjust how many flies you want and to show always on top or not.

ladybug on desktop is exactly the same as flies on desktop and comes in two versions as well, the only difference is the bug itself!

Download Links:

(12 Ants)

(Cockroaches on desktop)

(Flies on desktop) both versions.

(Laybugs on desktop) both versions.

Well….there you have it, bugs for you computer, now your life has a meaning! 🙂

Play with Rockets!

Build your own rockets from scratch, launch your very own space programs!

Kerbal Space Program is a nice and free rocket simulation/game which in my opinion will keep you busy for a couple hours, especially if you like, rockets/physics/ blowing things up!

There are both versions for Windows and Mac!

Download (link)

Hundred Light Globes in China-Indian Border

Forward to a puzzle are the officials of India, as between August – October appeared one hundred bright orbs in the sky, on the border with China. “Yellowish balls take off on the horizon from the Chinese side of the border and slowly climbed the sky, for three to five hours to disappear,” wrote the Indian newspaper «The Times of India». The bright flying objects were observed by many different groups of Indian army. However, Indian officials have excluded the version of Chinese unmanned vessels or low-orbit satellites. The glowing orbs were visible to the naked eye day and night, but undetectable by radar. In September, the phenomenon was also dealt by a group of Indian astronomers, who ruled out the possibility that the bright objects are meteorites. So far, the shiny balls in the sky of India remain a mystery.


You can find more on the story here: